GIFS are kinda the new kid on the block.

Have you ever seen those images that

loop without end? That my friend is a GIF.

Unlike a video, a GIF (graphics interchange format) is an animated image on repeat. Whether the GIF features a short scene from video content (i.e. Kermit sipping Lipton iced tea which happens to be the BEST TEA on the planet) or a series of images strung together to create a soundless short video graphic. I'm going to show YOU how to create a still-image GIF right in the comfort of PHOTOSHOP in 8 easy-to-follow steps.

The real question is how to pronounce it...

Is it GIF or JIF - Like JIF peanut butter?

I'm with the lesser crowd & proudly go with JIF.


step 1

Open the images you'd like to use.

Keep it simple! Try 1-4 images that pair well.

TIP: Make every photo the SAME

EXACT SIZE for easy alignment.


step 2

Under Window,

click on "TIMELINE".

This will open the timeline layer

needed to create your GIF.


step 3

Under "File" select "Scripts"

then "Load Files into Stack"


step 4

In the pop-up window, click on "Browse"

to open the images needed for your GIF.

Once they're uploaded, click "OK".

TIP: If the images are taken of the same scene

with repeated shots (i.e. couple walking, water) select

"Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images".

This will better align the images &

keep them in unison during playback.


step 5

Once your images have uploaded, select

"Create Frame Animation" in the Timeline.

Click on the top right icon bar & select

"Make Frames from Layers"


step 6

In the bottom left corner, put the GIF on

"FOREVER" so it will be a constant loop.

Select the time for each frame. Don't forget

to PLAY the GIF & make any changes.

TIP: You can easily change the order of the images in

the Timeline by simply "clicking & dragging" the layers.

Zoom in to see!


step 7

Once you're happy with your GIF, select

"File" >> "Export" >> "Save for Web".


step 8

The last step is the most important!

Select "GIF 128 Dithered" under PRESET.

Then select "256" under COLORS.

Lastly, select "90%" under DITHER.

Click on SAVE to add the GIF to your files.

TIP: For GIFS, 128 Dithered is the highest you want

to go including 256 in Color. This works for graphics

& photos. When selecting 256 Color, the Preset will

go blank - it's normal! Color & Preset will be

exactly what you selected after saving the GIF.

Dither is a bit tricky. For images, 90% works great.

For graphics (illustrations or fonts), 93% works great.

For images & graphics together, 93% works great.

& tada!

You now have your very own GIF!!


The great thing about making GIFS

is being creative & making it your own.

There are SO many different ways you

can create GIFS that you can use for

your website, blog, or social media.

**see below!**

This tutorial is based on my personal

experience & research. GIF creation in

Photoshop is really just the beginning!

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