A shoot Minimal & Feminine

with a taste of Citrus Summer Fun.

The latest collection batch is simply feminine with a minimalistic style. Skincare bottles, jewelry pieces, & a mix of cosmetics & things shot in soft window light. You'll also notice a pop of color hinting at a *taste of summer* featuring Vitamin C and my favorite of fruits - oranges!

Recently, I've seen my style change to a "less is more" in both style, color, and theme. Instead of capturing hundreds of files with thousands of different angles, I've limited myself to 10-15 files, with only a handful of files that make the final cut.

This has helped with my workload & creative sanity but has also helped me see with a new perspective that less is most definitely more, & technically, way better than what I was used to doing.

My next Blog Post is a fun *Photoshop Tutorial* on how to erase text on labels. I've done this with a handful of my skincare shots so I'm able to use them for stock photo purposes, & also because it's so much fun :)

Stay Tuned!