A day of hearts, glitter, & love...

I have to admit - these photos make my heart so happy. The fun colors & bright sunlight bring LIFE to the photos, but these candy heart props are most definitely the center of attention.

The hearts are one of those "special finds" I've had tucked back for well over a decade. Each heart had a wire at the top that could be hung on a wall. It was a satisfying moment to YANK those wires out - I'm just happy it worked!

In this post, you'll see my first Skincare Campaign for 2024 including a few extras that are now for sale on Getty Images (& soon on Adobe Stock) YAY!

I had hoped to share these a lot sooner than February 14th, but going back to that New Year's resolution to share my work regardless of **dates, times, & the busyness of life**.

If you have any questions regarding this shoot or my work in general, you can reach me here on my website or on Instagram - tap here! I'd love to hear from you :)

Each image below has a special link for Getty Images.

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