I'm Angelica, the Photographer behind "amcreativestudio" - a home studio based in Pensacola, Florida. I like to share my world of calm & color through styled photos & turn them into tangible keepsakes for homes & spaces of all kinds.

My first collection starts at the sea. It's one place many are drawn to, & some even call it home. Whatever it is for you, you can always have a bit of Coastal Heaven to remember.

Tranquil Waters. Seaside Tides. Warm Shores. Coastal Heaven.

kind words

from clients & friends

"I purchased prints from Angelica & they're the star of my kitchen! (Florida Oranges 11x14 print set) She's such a creative individual & makes absolutely beautiful work."

Madison, Florida

Meet Angelica & see the inspiration behind "amcreativestudio"


I've always been a creative-at-heart (musician of the keys, creative writer) but it was when I picked up a camera 11 years ago that I started to pursue my creative calling...

With each click of the shutter,

my creative journey began to unfold...

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photos, words & inspiration


TUTORIAL "How to make a still-image GIF in Photoshop"

October 6, 2022

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TUTORIAL "How to change the background in Photoshop"

October 5, 2022

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I've met some amazing people along

the way & I hope to meet you, too!

"He who calls the waters of the sea... the LORD is His name."

AMOS 9:6
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